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Duncan McSporran - Westside Club Stamford


What Our Clients Say

"I took the Social Referral Online system on in March 2013. At this point I was getting very frustrated by the lack of results when it came to advertising. I was focusing on newspaper advertising, leaflet advertising and was also calling local companies on a regular basis to try and pick up some business from their staff. Unfortunately I was having very little success using any of these methods".

"Initially I contacted Talk Twenty 1 with regards to them making some calls for me in the hope that they would have more success than I had. It was at that point that Paul introduced me to the Social Referral Online programme".

"Before I introduced the system I was sitting with around 400 to 420 direct debit members and I was getting very frustrated as I couldn't seem to move it above these figures. However since applying the system I am now pleased to say that our monthly reports in March 2014 show that we now have 542 direct debit members".

"The Social Referral Online system has allowed me to get more traffic through the door and it has then been up to us to turn them into members. A fantastic marketing tool, I would highly recommend it to any Gym/Health Club owner, as long as they weren't within a 5 mile radius of us LOL".

"The Social Referral Online system is easily the best marketing tool I have used since I opened the gym in 2009, the real key is working closely with your staff and making it part of their job that they implement it".

Anthony Murray - Manager/owner - Peak fitness 4u Ltd

Social Referral Online

Social Referral Online has quickly become the leader in the Health Club industry for social referral marketing. However, Health Clubs are just the start, the use of our product reaches into any industry that is in need of leads/referrals. We have already gained interest from other massive markets including Golf, Day Spa and Nightclub industries.

Social Referral Online allows your newest member/customer to spread the word about your business to as many as thousands of their friends in two easy steps, harnessing the true power of the Internet and social marketing.

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